Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Well, as it turns out, due to a slight change of plans, today is the only day I'm at work this week. Happy Spring Break to me! :)

Instead of going to Matisyahu on Thursday, I sold the tickets to Megan, who is taking Robert to go see that show. I'm going to St. Louis tonight, to watch one of my friends DJ at a goth-ish night. In the grand scheme of things, I think I'll enjoy that considerably more. :)

It's nice to be taking a bit of a break from work. We've had a few big projects that I've had to do in the past few months, and the spring semester is one during which we get very little time off. So my now five day weekend will be great, and I have a four day weekend next weekend, for my birthday. w00t! :)

So quick recap on everything... watched "The Mask of Zorro" over the weekend, and it was not too bad. A little odd with the pacing, I think, or it may have been that I was crocheting and working on other things while it was on.

Game on Saturday was good, and we proved just how hardcore we are by playing in what turned out to be tornado weather. None of them hit us, but there were a couple of times that everyone had to scramble for the covering of the pavilion.

No particular new music of note, other than a few bands that I've found on myspace. Leaves' Eyes is one of them... kinda a mix between Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation... which is a good mix to be... :)

Looking very much forward to finishing my Jayne hat and making one more. Then, I think I'm done with that one for a bit. Gonna focus on sewing for a while, as Doc moved out last week, will finish getting Dave's stuff this week, and Jesi doesn't move in until May. So I'm gonna use the spare room to put out some sewing stuff, in an attempt to get it done. Megan said I can borrow her sewing machine, which does zig zag stitch, so Koolaid purses will begin production shortly. I have many good ideas, even if I don't have any purple Koolaid pouches. I can work with the other colors. :) Anyways, if I made an all purple one, I'd just want to keep it for myself... :)

And no EotWWW this week... because it's not really much of a work week... :)

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