Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Slowly but surely, I'm filling up my CD binders...

Megan made me the kewlest CD binder EVAR for Christmas, so that's the one I'm keeping at work. It's also huge. It holds probably 40 CDs... I haven't counted yet. :) This means lots of good listening at work, but there it's a matter of finding the ones that are appropriate for play at work... which means not too much screaming about death and obscenities... because generally speaking, I keep my music quiet enough that it won't bug my co-workers, but they do occasionally have to come into my office... after all, I am the keeper of the M&Ms and Starburst (along with the office supplies)... :)

The CD binder I'm putting in my car is mostly old character soundtracks, though I have a couple of CDs in there that I made as driving CDs (fast and upbeat, which is mostly for the purpose of long drives when I'm tired) and a stack of Asleep by Dawn CDs, which is a goth-y magazine / catalog that I used to get... haven't seen it in a while, tho... :( The newest additions to this one are a bunch of punk-ish bands doing 80s covers (from Punk Goes 80s and the Sky High Soundtrack), a sampler of TMBG stuff (mainly burned for Megan and I driving to St. Louis tomorrow, and also for the trip to St. Louis in May to see TMBG), and "Crazy Screaming Goth Girlies from Hell," which is just another driving CD, with lots of songs to sing along to... :) Cuz singing in the car rocks. :)

I want to make more theme CDs, but I haven't been given any good ideas lately... mostly, I don't come up with the ideas on my own... somebody tells me what they want to hear a theme CD of, and I make it... hence "Necrophilia for Fun and Profit" and the 2-disc heroes and villains set. :)

I dunno, when you have over 7,000 songs on your computer, sometimes you just have to go with a theme... :)

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