Thursday, April 13, 2006

Well, today is the end of my work week, but I don't have any special wisdom to impart today. Other than the fact that some days, going to work in an old T-shirt, jeans, and sandals is great fun. :) This outfit does actually serve a practical purpose, I assure you... I needed to move stuff to the back files, and that's much easier to do in comfy clothes than dress clothes. That, and no one here really cares too much what I wear... and the T-shirt is one of two work-related T-shirts that I own. :)

Got all of my birthday present shopping done yesterday, including a pressie for Ben (Nathaniel's little brother / our "adopted" little brother), whose birthday I did not originally realize was next week. So that's four birthdays in what I consider my immediate family, all within a week of each other. I hereby veto any additional spring birthdays in my family. The end. :)

Mostly, though, with that, packing, and the dishes, I pretty much didn't do anything else productive last night. I played the Sims for something like 4 hours... at least... :) It was a nice break.

Still don't know when I'll be back to C-dale, but I would suspect I won't post again till Tuesday. So everyone enjoy their weekend, Easter if you celebrate it, and I'll type more when I've returned... I'd expect lots of gushing about how cute the bebe is... :)


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