Thursday, April 06, 2006

Stress. Blows. Goats.

Generally speaking, I shouldn't have much in the way of stress. My job is relatively easy, I don't have some sort of crazy home life, and generally speaking, things are all good. But for whatever reason, I've been crazy stressed lately, and it's really gotten pretty ricockulous.

There are any of a plethora of reasons to which I could attribute this, I suppose. For example, I had a lot of days off work last month, and got to be quite the slacker. This meant I got used to having lots of free time, and also that I got behind on a whole lot of stuff. Now that I've been working full weeks again, I don't have near as much free time, and I'm still behind on stuff I'd like to be doing. Thus I look around, see all the stuff that hasn't been done, and stress out about it.

I also am somewhat legitimately busy all of a sudden. There's a number of factors here, as well... two new TT games, plus running a LARP every couple of weeks, plus spending an increased amount of time online in the evenings... and yes, the last of those very much does have a purpose and a reason behind it... it's not just idle surfing time...

I suppose there is at least one big benefit that I've noticed to all of this craziness, and that's that I don't go shopping hardly EVER. So w00t for saving money, right? And w00t for not buying more crap that I really don't need!

Well, at any rate, having identified the craziness is a good thing, and now trying to implement ways of decreasing the stress is at the top of the docket. Hopefully those ideas will help, and then also hopefully it's mostly just that this month is one of sheer insanity.

It's odd that I'm looking towards the end of the semester as the point in time when life seems to be looking like it will get easier... and I'm not even in school... hurrah for academia?

At any rate, yeah. I will get through this month, and I will get rid of this stress... it's all good... :)

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