Friday, April 07, 2006

End of the Work Week Wisdom:

"And if its cold, you know, just deal with it."
--Jerome, on short skirts

Brought to you by Jerome and I talking about girls and the need for excessive amounts of shoes and clothing. :)

Seriously, though, I discovered something last night. I have 6 pairs of boots. One pair is too small. One pair is too big. One pair has very high heels that hurt my feet if I wear them for too long. One pair has one of the zipper pulls broken, so they have a key ring hanging off of them at the zipper. The other two pairs are acceptable. That, my friends, is ricockulous.

(I also have 6 pairs of sandals / flip flops. 3 pairs of sneakers or in vaguely that style. 2 pairs of dressy shoes. That's a grand total of 17 pairs of shoes. Wanna know how many I wear on a regular basis? 2-3 in the winter, and another couple in the summer. And yet I realized I didn't have dress shoes that went with my outfit for game tomorrow night. Wha?!)

As for clothes, well, yeah, I suppose I have a lot of that too. The case in point that brought about the above comment was the fact that I have something along the lines of about 12 schoolgirl skirts. But that is apparently acceptable. :) And yes, there is a lot of my clothes that I don't wear often, but I also have three somewhat distinct wardrobes: work clothes, casual clothes, and game clothes. I'm not sure which of those makes up the biggest chunk of my overall wardrobe. Let's just hope it's casual clothes and move on... :)

Right. So now you all know how silly I can be. Hurrah! :)


In other news, I'm feeling considerably less stressed today than I was yesterday. This could be because it's Friday, or it could be because I went home from work yesterday, made a dinner that sounded really good to me, and went and spent the majority of my birthday gift cards. So by the time I got home, dealing with in-weeks was a breeze, and then I ended up getting online and talking to people for a while... so grooviness all around. :)

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