Monday, April 10, 2006

Well, good weekend all around, even with three games over the course of two days. About all I could have asked for was more time to sleep, but I managed to get enough sleep last night that it's not too bad today. I'll probably be fairly tired by the time I get home from wrestling tonight, but that'll be okay. :)

The Deadlands game was a good time, and my character may have acquired herself a unicorn. Yeah, I know, really bizarre, but fun too! :) Unfortunately, I'm missing the next game, so I dunno what's gonna happen with the unicorn. We had to leave off in the middle of a scene, when we realized it was 10 after 1, and the building closed at 1. No one came up to give us the 15 minute warning, so we got a bit caught up in things. :)

Hunter on Saturday was also fun, though a bit frustrating, as we all nearly died. The dice were not with us. :( I was also a bit tired by the end of that game.

LARP on Saturday went very well, especially after I had a soda with my dinner... :) We got five brand new players, and Jesi has now joined the game, so we had 23 people signed in, which may be a record for this game. w00t! :) Slowly but surely, I'm catching up on what's going on in that game, and thus am becoming able to run more and more stuff.

Worked on a bunch of crochet on Friday night, but there's still more to do. Need to go shopping at some point this week for birthday gifts, as there are three birthdays in my family this week: Nathaniel's tomorrow, and Sarah and Darci-Anna's on Sunday. Maybe I'll do that tonight before class, if I'm not too lazy... :)

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