Friday, May 05, 2006

Rather than the normal format for End of the Work Week Wisdom, I will direct you to Everything I needed to know I learned from listening to They Might Be Giants. So it's like 30+ pieces of wisdom for the price of one!

Except I don't get paid even when I post only one... damn... :(

In other news, it's absolutely frickin' gorgeous outside, and I'm sitting inside, at work. This, my friends, blows chunks. The boss is out of town, one co-worker is off running errands, and the other is at lunch. I think I'm gonna try to bust outta here early, since I need to go mail one pair of Docs off to their happy new owner... any excuse to enjoy a little of this weather!

I'm hoping desperately that it will be this nice tomorrow, because I really wanna hit Laumeier before the show. If it's like this tomorrow? We're golden. :)

I'm also hoping that maybe my new Docs will arrive today, though I won't start breaking them in till next week... breaking in new shoes tomorrow is just gonna make my feet super grumpy. So screw a bunch of that. :)

Blah... this will be the longest. afternoon. EVAR. Must find something to entertain myself with!

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