Monday, June 05, 2006

Argh... work today has been hectic and crazy, though most of that has been since lunch. I'm off work Wednesday, and the boss is leaving for a trip and won't be here Friday, so I guess it makes a little bit of sense. Gotta cram everything into three days this week.

It also figures, because I had a great weekend, so work automatically becomes suckier. Got to watch X-3, Boondock Saints, and the first season of Red vs. Blue, all on Saturday. Also got to have a couple of great conversations, and played some frisbee. And I might be getting a kitten. Like really really soon.

So yeah, it's a mix of kewl stuff and annoying work... I think I'll live. Less than 2 hours left of work, at which point I get to go home, make some dinner and wash the dishes, do a little bit of sewing on the machine, and then probably spend the rest of the evening chatting online, which has yet again become a favored pasttime... wonder why... ;)

Tomorrow, I get to go to the 6-6-6 party / goth night at the Upstairs. This should be a rockin' good time. I know 3 of the 5 DJs, and another of them is from C-dale originally... I think I may have met her at Rasputina, now that I think about it... hopefully the gamer geek crowd will be out in full force, and I can chat with them, and perhaps dance a little. Perhaps. :)

In the meantime, more work to do, as always... *sigh*...

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