Thursday, June 08, 2006

So I've really fallen off with posting here. That happens every now and again. Ah well.

It could also be that I'm exceptionally tired, and pretty well have been all week. I slept sorta oddly on Sunday and Monday nights, and I got very little sleep Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The latter two are my own fault, mostly. Ah well. :)

So I survived 6/6/6 without any real incident, though it has been brought to my attention that I know the devil and the anti-Christ... but both of those are fairly speculative... and I've only MET the devil, I don't really know him. :) These things make much more sense on very little sleep, somehow.

I do hope to get a decent night's sleep tonight, though, in preparation for the weekend. Ashes is tomorrow night, followed by a good likelihood of yard sales on Saturday morning, followed by Ultimate Frisbee Saturday afternoon, and the Cammie game Saturday night. Sunday, then, will be full of recovering. And Jesi comes back sometime in the midst of all of this. Hurrah! :)

My agenda for tonight: buy milk and more popcorn. Finish the last two beanbags. Try to get the quilt at least preliminarily bound around the edges, if not completely done. Maybe finish that other Jayne hat. Maybe go say hi to Bobert when he gets in on the train, especially as the train station is like 2 blocks from my apartment. Go to bed early and sleep well. :)

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