Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wandering around at the mall last night, we ended up in a toy store... and as everyone knows, you put three quasi-adults in a toy store, they will play for hours on end. Well, maybe not hours on end, but I do have some evidence of a time-stealing black hole at the mall. I think we were there for about two hours all told, and I REALLY don't know where the time went, especially as we were only in three stores in that time.

Anyways, the toy store. Oh. My. God. There was a lot of silly stuff that I didn't care to look at there, but there were also a bunch of toys that I remembered from when I was a kid (and the inevitable point was brought up that the difference between when I was a kid and when the guys I was shopping with were kids was huge... *sigh*...) and then reproductions of a lot of even OLDER toys. So I am very much looking forward to my niece and nephew getting a little bit older, so that they can play with some of the neat toys I found there.

I did not, however, find a goose, and I was actually looking for a small stuffed goose. It has to do with a game. :)

Actually, right now, it's just all about me being a big kid, because I also got some new TMBG stuff last night (stuff I ordered a while back), and one of those was the "Here Come the ABC's" CD, which is VERY much meant for small children. I like it anyways.

And then I stayed up way past my bedtime. :p


Durore said...

"Actually, right now, it's just all about me being a big kid"

No kidding... :P

Dawn said...

You're such a meanie sometimes. :p