Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's Wednesday already, and I'm very pleased with that fact. Even if it does mean that I have to run around like a madwoman tonight. Well, that's more because I had decided on a couple of things that I was gonna do tonight, and then had a couple more added on top of that. Not complaining yet, just trying to situate everything so that it all gets done. :)

One of these days, I really need to take my CDs home from work and rip them to my computer. And then, put them on my iPod. And then, I really won't need CDs at work anymore... hurrah for iPods! :) Maybe I'll do that Friday, since my Saturday appears to be wide open at the moment... I'm sure that will change... it always does...

But tomorrow, dammit, I'm gonna make bean bag thingies, and work on my quilt, and that's about it. Maybe watch a movie. Basically, though, not run around. :)

I think soon I will have a rant about mislabeled songs on LimeWire, because Bobert asked me if I liked The Cure's version of "Tainted Love" better than Marilyn Manson's last night. And then pointed out that I had two messed up tracks on the latest Lacuna Coil CD. *grumble*...

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