Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So this was the weekend of "not-quite-as-planned". Nonetheless, a good weekend all around.

Friday night, I tried to go to Michael's graduation. The sun foiled my plan. So I drove back to Carbondale, and went to see my sister at work. I told her I was not at graduation (obviously), and that if she wanted to hang out till about 9:30 or so, I was free. Well, she told me that she and the Staples crew (which now includes some new gamers) were going to Mugsy's, and I should go with. So I did. And it was fun. :) But it meant I didn't see X-3 Friday night. That's okay, Megan said we could go see it Saturday when she got off work.

Saturday, we were going to play Hunter. That got cancelled, as Bobert had family in town. Then Megan texted me to cancel our plans to see X-3. So I went to the Student Center to find some unwitting LARPer to kidnap and take with me to X-3. This did not happen; instead, I ended up making a character and becoming Ventrue Primogen and Keeper of Elysium within about 30 minutes of entering play. Yeah, they're apparently that desparate for Kindred... ;) Afterwards, I went and drank with the boyz for a while, which was an excellent time. :)

Sunday, my dad and some of our family's friends were in town, and I was going to hang out with them, but that never happened. Then Megan was going to have me help her hem pants, but that never happened either. So I watched movies and quilted. Rockin' good time, let me tell ya. :)

Yesterday was Day of Meat, but I ate very little meat, and instead did sportsy type stuff. Ultimate Frisbee, regular frisbee, and bags. Whee! :) I'm surprising not all that sore, for all the running around I did. I did discover, however, that I'm highly out of shape. :( But Thor says we're gonna do Ultimate Frisbee every couple of weeks, so I'm totally down, and hopefully can get into better shape as a result. Mostly, I'm in okay shape, I just can't run without getting badly winded... and that sucks... :(

This week is already shaping up nicely. Tonight, I do the usual Tuesday stuff. Tomorrow, I will likely be going through bags of soon to be discarded clothing from abnormal (but still appreciated) sources. Thursday appears to be open, so that will be the night I make the bags for our own set of bags. Jim says he will have the boards done by Friday. This will rock muchly. :)

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