Friday, June 30, 2006

Nope, I've got nothing for the End of the Work Week Wisdom.

From here on out, my schedule goes kinda screwy. I work Monday, but not Tuesday. Then I work Wednesday-Friday. Then it's the weekend. Then I work Monday and Tuesday, but not for the rest of the week, at least in theory (I still actually have to tell my boss about that). But yeah, mini-vacation for me! Whee! :)

And through all of that, if I'm not at work, that means no posting from me, because I will most likely be at Jerome's house, and thus with no internet. Those boys really gotta get that fixed... though theoretically, they had interviews today... will find out in a couple hours how that went.

So at any rate, everyone have a good weekend, and a good 4th of July, if I don't post before then. :)

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