Thursday, June 29, 2006

How odd... I could have sworn I posted here yesterday... musta forgot in my excitement over new music... :)

So yeah, what I meant to post was: new Muse CD coming out soonishly. Check it out here. Enjoy. Cuz it rocks. :)

In other news, my friend Ashlea reminded me that there is a kewl pattern for skull potholders in the crochet version of Stitch n' Bitch, so I'm making some for the boys' house. They seem easy enough and super spiffy thus far. Hoping to make some serious progress tonight and tomorrow, and then maybe make a set for our apartment... or make something, not sure what yet. The one thing I've discovered is that doing charts in crochet isn't too bad once you actually know how to crochet. I think my first experiment in charts was when I was still a bit clueless... so now that I know what I'm doing, I'm gonna make all kinds of charts! :)

16 days till Ozzfest. Commence squee-ing now! :) I still need to get the last two people who might be going with us to commit to either going or not, figure out who is driving the second car, and warn my mom that the boys and I are invading... potentially, it's five of the boys and myself. That could be craziness. But there's plenty of room at my mom's house, so it won't be too bad... just craziness. :)

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