Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I have returned from the land of no internet.

See, at about 3 p.m. on Friday, my boss asked me if I wanted to take Monday off work. Because it was kinda silly to work Monday, and then not Tuesday. I said of course. I get tons of vacation time every year, and tend to not use much of it. Luckily, it carries over to the next year, so I end up with even more.

But yeah, doing so meant that except for the brief stop at my apartment on Saturday to look stuff up on the internet, and the occasional playing around with Bobert's computer, I was pretty much away from computers for four days straight. This, however, was just fine by me.

Instead, I slept lots, read lots, and watched a handful of movies. And gamed some also. And burned my thumb fairly badly on a sparkler, but it's getting much better already.

I've been actually getting to read quite a bit lately, and that's very nice. I finally finished House of Leaves (after trying to read it for something like 3 1/2 years), and then I managed to read Anansi Boys in less than a week. The former was a tough read. The latter was a pretty easy read, and fun as well. I'm not sure what's next on the agenda, but it will either entail borrowing a book from Jason, or rereading something I already own. Just a matter of when I get a chance to talk to Jason next. Suppose I could call him or something. :)

Anyways, I'm back at work for what amounts to a full week, though there is a weekend in the middle of that. Then I get a 5 day weekend, for Jerome's b-day and Ozzfest! :) Whee! :)

Now, off to pretend like I'm working. :)

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