Monday, July 10, 2006

The land of no internet now extends to my apartment as well, at least temporarily. It sometimes pops back on briefly, but mostly, it's not on. This makes Dawn a sad monkey. :(

But I had a good week last week, and just forgot to post. :) And then I had a good weekend. :)

My tattoo has healed up nicely, and while it might need a tiny bit of retouching, I think it's mostly good. My thumb is getting somewhat better, though it looks hideous at the moment. Hurrah for the skin reknitting itself... I know it would be a whole lot better if I could keep it from getting wet for a few days, but I like showering, and sometimes the dishes have to get done.

I'm to the point now of getting really excited about Ozzfest. Due to my extreme paleness, I'm making plans to cover up as much of my skin as possible, so as to avoid being horribly burnt. So I have a long tulle skirt that will basically keep my legs out of the sun, while still allowing any breeze there is to keep me cool. I'm working on altering a silk shirt now, to make it more comfortable and cuter. And again, with that whole covering my arms, but still being cool.

Of course, I need to get the shirt done tonight, because tomorrow after work, I'm heading out to Marion, and will stay there until we leave for St. Louis on Friday. Whee! :) I like mini-vacations! :)

I like real vacations more, and, well, if things pan out, I may be getting one of those this summer too... but I'm still waiting to hear for sure about that... :)

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