Friday, June 16, 2006

Yeah, yeah, weird week continues. Super weird, all around.

Today, I bought a guitar. :)

The guitar is super sweet for several reasons, including:
1) The color of the guitar, according to the manufacturer's webpage, is "Vampyre Red Satin." How neat is that?
2) It's in a coffin case. Black case, red lining. SWEET!
3) Oh, yeah, it sorta used to belong to the former guitarist for Abney Park... :)

I'm totally squee-ing over the last bit, in particular. It's a gorgeous frickin' guitar, and it's in a totally sweet case, but oh. my. god. it was used to record some of my favorite songs in the whole world, and he may well have been playing it when I saw them in Seattle. I can't remember, honestly. But it's awesome, no matter what. :)

Now, to maybe actually learn how to play it... and then New Nick and I can both play guitar at game / after game. Rock on. :)

No End of the Work Week Wisdom this week. I will soon have a guitar. What more do you want from me? :)

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