Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Been an odd week at work this week, with my boss out of town since Friday of last week, and only stopping by briefly in the morning tomorrow before leaving for the rest of the day. This all works out okay, though, because it's been an odd week all around... :)

The weekend was a nice one, though there was no Hunter, as suspected. Both Ashes on Friday and Riddles on Saturday seem to be exercising their right to the 27th letter of the alphabet, though considerably more peacably in Riddles. I could have been Prince in two games, had I wanted to, but I didn't, so I'm Seneschal in Riddles, under the person I told to declare Praxis... :)

(Speaking of Praxis, this has brought up an interesting point, and while I don't know that I will actually get anywhere with it, I intend on pushing the issue a wee bit... :) )

Ultimate Frisbee was craziness, and though I did have Steve on my team, we pretty well sucked. Randy didn't really know the rules, and Bobert hurt himself early on, and Jim plays without his glasses... so a bit of a disadvantage there... specially when the other team was Thor, Pleasure, Amber, and Jerome, who is sneaky good... like you don't expect it, but he's good. :)

Other than that, there was a lot of not sleeping all weekend, and then it was time to work again. :)

As per the usual, lots of stuff going on this week, and then also this weekend. And as per the usual, Thursday is my recovery day. No plans, early bedtime, it all works out. :) Oh, except that didn't happen last week... :) Ah well. :)

My music listening today has been odd... first I listened to all of my Misfits, then Postal Service, then Rob Zombie, and now Shakira. So yeah, ecletic. I like it. :)

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