Friday, October 27, 2006

NOT an article post! Yes, they happen occasionally! :)

In fact, this is an End of the Work Week Wisdom post!

"There is only one kind of cake, and it is tasty."
--Jerome, explaining that cake donuts are still cake

This was a late night conversation, that for some reason was revolving around donuts being in chili. I dunno, I rather prefer cornbread or the bizarre peanut butter on bread combo that my sister introduced.

As an aside, cans of chili should really include heating instructions. Chili Man chili does not. Bastards.


In other news, hurrah for pre-Halloween games and then Halloween! :) I've got three costumes planned, two for the games this weekend, and one for actual Halloween.

For tonight, I'm going to Ashes dressed as Mina Murray, from Dracula. My costume is largely inspired by the green dress that Mina wears in the Francis Ford Coppola movie, though mine is red. But I finally have a tiny top hat... of DOOM! :) Okay, so it's not actually of DOOM, but I can pretend, right?

For tomorrow night, for Riddles, I've got a Queen of the North sort of costumes... all silvery and icy and cold. I still need to do something with my wand to make it snazzier, and I have to figure out what's going on with my hair, as the flapper headband is great, but a bit too small.

For actual Halloween, I'm doing a quasi-Bride of Frankenstein costume. It's a dress that Megan mangled a while back, and I will probably draw some stitches onto my face... though I just realized that I need to find some white eyeliner or a white makeup pencil if I'm going to do it well...


In other other news, it's raining cats and dogs today. I really wish that we had a big golf umbrella... failing that, though, I think I may just put my costume into a bag and dress at the Student Center. It's only my costume for tomorrow that I need help getting into.

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