Monday, October 30, 2006

Two new articles from Cindy:

Limbaugh's Statement About Michael J. Fox: Crass but Not Malicious

Which was an "Editor's Pick"! Congrats to Cindy! :)

How Much Money You Make at Associated Content is Up to You

And I concur wholeheartedly with this. I do this mostly to give myself a little bit of extra spending cash, particularly with the holidays rolling around. If I plan things well (and stop buying silly stuff), I may be able to do almost all of my holiday shopping just with the money I've made from writing. That would be pretty kewl. :) And it would mean I can spend my money from crocheting on tattoos. :)

Seriously, though, if you're interested in making either a little money or a decent amount of money through writing for Associated Content, E-mail either Cindy: lgunnin (at) hotmail (dot) com, or me: scarywhitegirl (at) gmail (dot) com. If you know Cindy in real life, use hers; otherwise, you can use mine. Yeah, we get a little bit of money for referrals, but once you're started, you can refer people too. :) And you can invite us to be your buddies, too. :)

You get no articles from me. Because I had a week of being a slacker when I didn't write much. I should have more coming up this week, but as I'm off work from Wednesday through Friday, I doubt you'll see anything about them till next Monday.


Halloween is tomorrow, and if I am ambitious tonight, I will have quasi-Bride of Frankenstein hair tomorrow. This involves putting all of my hair into braids, and Jerome laughed when I asked him if he knew how to braid. Ah well. :)

Wednesday, I'll be headed out for my after Halloween sales (YAY!), and Thursday, we are off to the distant frozen northlands. This is also known, to most people, as Chicago. Jerome and I will be hitting the Art Institute on Thursday night, the Field Museum on Friday afternoon, and the Placebo concert (with Jesi and friends) on Friday night. Then on Saturday, we get to get up early to make the drive back. Well, I can cross my fingers and hope that perhaps they will give Jerome Saturday night off, in the hopes of him working Sunday morning, which will allow us to not leave Chicago super early on Saturday.

And in other news, Vlad has been sick. :( He goes to the vet this afternoon, to see if she can determine something is wrong with him, or whether it's just a case of upset kitty tummy. If it's the latter, I've already got some possibilities on ways to fix that, so that's a relief. It was not nice to hear him start hacking, and then backing up, before upchucking onto the floor. I'd be upset about the mess, but I'm more upset because he made a horrible little mewling noise right before it happened, so he's obviously not a happy kitten. :(

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