Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm not sure if I'm simply that unobservant, or what, but I've noticed that I can watch a movie several times, and still notice something new every time I watch it.

I suspect that I just overlook some of the details in movies that I don't watch intently and regularly. The movie that brought this to my attention was "V for Vendetta," which I ranted mightily about when it came out. Any rate, I got over my rant (sorta) and bought it on DVD, and we watch it occasionally.

Last night, I noticed that in the scene where V takes Evey up to the roof in the rain, it's interspersed with scenes of V coming out of the fire--so the moment of true freedom for both characters. Of course, what's also interesting about this is that he was freed by fire (both literally and metaphorically), while Evey was metaphorically released by the rain.

But the point is that I really didn't remember the scenes of V in the fire being interlaced into that scene. So it was really odd, and I sat there wondering if the scenes had just "appeared" (highly doubtful), or I had really missed them. I think I've settled on that I had forgotten they were there, because I didn't really find that scene all that interesting previously. Now, of course, I see the connections that the filmmakers were trying to draw in that scene, and I'm mildly impressed.

Jerome has a copy of the graphic novel checked out from the library right now, because he hasn't read it yet. It's due back to the library on Thursday, so I told him he should read it today, if he was going to read it. I think he will soon share in my general disdain for the adaptation of that graphic novel into movie format.

However, I think he'll still like the movie for what it is, and I have to admit that I have grown to appreciate the movie for what it is. But I maintain that it should have been called "Loosely Inspired by the Events Surrounding Alan Moore's V for Vendetta." That's a much more accurate title. :)

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