Monday, August 27, 2007

Surprisingly busy weekend, for feeling like I didn't really do a lot. I suspect that I really did, I just always feel like I didn't do much. Jerome worked for the majority of the weekend, so I sat around at the apartment quite a bit. :)

But I made a bunch of new cards made to list on Etsy, and I got some clothes listed on eBay. Not much writing mixed in there, because I just couldn't make myself sit down and write. I need to, though, because I've still got a few articles to write for Shop Etsy. Once those are done, I need to start scouting for more folks who are interested in having profiles done of their shops. Shouldn't be too hard, most Etsy sellers love publicity. :)

I've discovered a couple of gaming related things over the weekend. One is that it's much more fun to be an Eshu when you're out and about, getting into trouble with other Eshu. :) (I'm also anxiously awaiting my background XP for that character, so that I can buy some more abilities and such, because I'm kinda sad and pathetic right now. :) )

The second realization is that I really don't like the Camarilla, at least not when it is run correctly in a large LARP setting. It's very much anti-Democratic sensibilities (speaking in terms of the government system, not the political party). The little guys can't do a damn thing. :(

That being said, I think I'm gonna switch over to the Werewolf game that runs at the same time as the Camarilla game. Jerome is undecided at the moment if he wants to join me there, switch characters in the Cam game, or stick it out with his Malkavian. I told him to do what he wants to do in this case, because though I love gaming with him, our characters tend to not really get along, so it's not so much gaming with each other as gaming near each other. :)

Not sure what's going on this week, but next Monday is Labor Day, so hurrah upcoming long weekend! :)

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