Friday, August 24, 2007

Ugh... Friday, and I'm already bored type person. I finished the big project that I was working on yesterday afternoon, and thus I have pretty much nothing on my plate for today. Well, there's some filing to do, which I'll get to in a bit, I suppose. :)

Tonight, we get to run a few errands, and maybe I'll get to write my background for my Vampire character. Tomorrow, I need to write some more articles for Shop Etsy, and then I've got Changeling and Vampire in the evening. Sunday should be mostly laid back, as per the usual. I'm mostly just hoping that if it does rain on Saturday again, that it won't be as cold, or that I'll be better dressed for it. Last Sunday I was all kinds of miserable with a bit of a cold. Luckily, it went away pretty quickly. :)

Well, at least it looks like it will be a lovely day today. I just wish there was a park where Jerome and I could have lunch on Fridays. He only gets half an hour for lunch on Fridays, so I will be taking him his lunch at his school, but being able to meet at a park half way would be so much nicer when it's all lovely out. :)

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