Thursday, August 23, 2007

What is it with me and mismatched armwarmers? Seriously? I already had one mismatched pair in my Etsy shop, because I didn't have enough of the blue yarn to make two armwarmers, and had to improvise. (And then I made a hat that used both colors to justify it.) Now, another pair (the pictured pair) don't match either, and I started a third pair last night that look to be the closest matching pair so far, but they are not quite 100% matching either!

Am I the only freak who wants to wear things on my arms that don't match? I've seen other people do it, so I'm thinking I'm not the only one. :) But then again, my fashion sense and the rest of the world's fashion sense are usually a wee bit at odds with one another.

(Conversation of this morning:
Me: "Why don't any of my olive drabs match?"
Jerome: "Because they're baby puke colored."
Me: "So? I like olive drab!")

At any rate, hurrah for new stuff in the Etsy shop, I suppose, even if it is mismatched. There's also a hat that matches the armwarmers... no, for real it matches. :)

Hurrah also for swapping stuff I wouldn't have ever used for stuff that I am using. After the EtsyRain swap, I had a bag of all kinds of yarn--normal acrylic yarn, super bulky acrylic, some crazy synthetic yarns, and a few Italian wool blends (the really pricy stuff!). Now I'm turning all of this stuff into more stuff for my shop. Hurrah! :)

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