Friday, August 31, 2007

My new theory of music purchasing efficiency...

So I didn't buy the new Interpol album, still. Last night, we were over in Ballard, doing a bit of shopping, and Jerome told me to go into Sonic Boom and get the CD. He waited outside, partially to keep an eye out for the bus, and partially so he didn't find more stuff he wanted, I think. :)

I grabbed the Interpol CD, but I couldn't resist going over to the Used bin as well, just to check and see if I could find the Demented Are Go CD that I found last time. No luck with that, sadly, but then I stumbled across a Dropkick Murphys CD... right next to ANOTHER Bad Religion CD. Of course, this now puts me in a quandry. I don't really need to buy three CDs. Hell, I probably shouldn't buy any of them, but it's hard for me to resist music.

As it turns out, the combined price of the Dropkick Murphys and Bad Religion CDs was less than the price of the Interpol CD. So the Interpol CD went back into the appropriate bin, and I bought the other 2 CDs instead.

When we got home and loaded them onto the computer, I discovered that we ended up getting 40 songs, and we only had I think one or two of those (from the Dropkick Murphys CD) already. We hadn't even heard of this Bad Religion CD! So the way I look at it, we got 40 songs for the price of 10-12. Two used CDs with 40 songs, for the price I would have paid for the new Interpol with it's 10-12 songs. Hurrah for music purchasing efficiency! :)

I still wonder what's on the Interpol CD, and I know I'll buy it eventually. If I can just contain my curiosity for a few more months, I'm sure I'll find it used, somewhere. :)


Not sure what's on the agenda for tonight yet. Jerome needs to find out his schedule for tomorrow, and we were talking about running up to Laughing Buddah if we have time. Jerome needs a new pair of plugs for his lower ear piercings, and I have been toying with the idea of getting mine stretched another size... I really like the glass plugs I have, though, and I know that there's a pair of 6 gauge tunnels that I can use... I just have to manage to get them into my ears (double-flared earrings are a pain).

If I can wear the 6 gauge tunnels with no difficulties, then I can start wearing "normal people" earrings again, just through the tunnels! Seeing as that was my initial goal for stretching my ears, it does seem logical. But it's true when they say that once you start stretching, you keep saying "oh, well x gauge isn't so big after all... maybe I'll go bigger..." It's a vicious linear progression, my friends. :)


Jenny F said...

Hey, Imagine my surprise to see Ladybug on your list. Thanks.
I feel like such an old fo-ggie,
(an old fo-ggie who can't spell either) because for one thing I am and for another I don't know any of the bands you write about or do they call them groups now? sad, very sad.

Jenny F said...

PS, you are white all right but I don't think you are scary.

Dawn said...

I call them bands, personally, but I've never been particularly willing to recognize trends of naming. :)

Interpol = new new wave (80s style but made more recently)
Bad Religion = punk band that has been around forever
Dropkick Murphys = Irish punk

(And I have long ago given up on the idea that I'm scary. Mostly, I might be spooky or morbid, but not so much scary.)