Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ah yes...

Updates of randomness yet again.

1) Jerome is now an uncle! :) His niece, Autumn Faith, was born yesterday at some point... not really sure on when, because he either didn't get or couldn't remember the details. So no, I don't have any of those usual baby stats, nor have I seen a picture yet. Ah well, we'll see her in December. :) (He's not nearly as into this whole being an uncle thing as I was about being an aunt to my niece and nephew, but I suppose guys aren't normally into those things. :) )

2) I've decided that my attempt to label over 1,000 blog posts and then have all of those labels on the main page of my blog was both futile and silly. So I'll still label the new posts, and I may continue to label the old posts, but it's basically for my own organizational structure. Nothing useful, I'm afraid. :)

3) The people at the camera store across the street are going to know my name soon. I've had to run over there Friday, yesterday, and today (and have to run back later to pick up the last of the reprints). This is all work related, and time consuming. Which is better than being bored. :)

4) I have finally started making baby sized hats for my Etsy shop. You can see the first one that I've posted here, as well as in the picture with this post. They are too adorably cute, but I'm having difficulty getting pictures that show just how cute they are. I need to borrow someone's baby... but not one that is already famous, like Finn. :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the new hat! It's darling! Too bad it wouldn't fit ME! Lol... great use of color hun!
And who uses those blog tags anyways? I never have, and don't plan to... Hmmm... should I?

Dawn said...

I could totally make one in your size... ;)

And I like using the tags for my own organizational purposes. Like I've been going back today and tagging all of my "End of the Work Week Wisdom" posts so that I can pull all of them up at once, if I want to. This is primarily so I can see if I've used a given quote before. :)