Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another day of random...

1) I have a new pirate coat, and could not resist doing a silly pose for this picture of it. (I always do silly poses when I wear steampunk clothes.) This coat is amazing. It's leather (and I think they must have used the better part of an entire cow to make it), nice and worn to the point where it is soft and comfortable. I found it a couple of weeks ago, but didn't buy it till last night. As soon as Jerome saw it on me, he told me that I had to buy it. Who am I to argue? ;)

I'm planning to replace all 20 buttons with something a bit more Victorian and/or military inspired, though I do want to keep them in the gold/bronze/brass color scheme. I just need to find buttons for much cheaper than you can buy them at JoAnn's. I do not want to have to spend $20 to get the buttons I need. :(

I'm also plotting on a way to make myself a hat and scarf that will go with this, without detracting too much from the awesome that is this coat. I have had the recommendation to go with a tartan scarf and a red bucket-style hat. I can make the hat, but I can't crochet plaid. :( (Gloves will be black stretch gloves or fleece gloves, because I have approximately five pairs of those two styles of gloves already.)

2) Anandi, who I have not met yet (but might tonight) had already captured my attention with her blog, but this post on riding the bus in Seattle is perfection. I know EXACTLY what she is talking about. :) (She also has an Etsy shop, and makes super neat jewelry with excellent names.)

3) Two new CDs last night: another Dropkick Murphys, and H.I.M. Jerome really tried to dissuade me from buying the H.I.M. CD, but I can't help it! I love Ville Valo's voice! (He suggested Ministry or Korn as possible alternates. I stuck with H.I.M.) Not much to say on either yet, as I haven't finished listening to them, other than to say that they sound about the same as they always sound. In both cases, this is a good thing.

(I have a much longer rant in store about why it is perfectly acceptable for some bands to always sound the same, while I expect other bands to continually morph their style. Cuz yes, this is a bit of a paradox.)

Okay, I suppose that's enough random for today. :)


imakecutestuff said...

omg! That is SUCH an amazing jacket! you definitely have to post a picture of it after your embellishments are done! I love the pose're so cute :)

Jenny F said...

Do you want all the buttons to be the same? You are welcome to come over and pick out as many buttons as you need for your coat, they probably won't all match though.
I have lots of gold and silver colored ones to choose from.Email

Anandi said...

Creepy creepy. I've been meaning to check out H.I.M. since I read a magazine article about them. So weird that you mentioned it in the same post as my shop!

And I *so* appreciate the mention, by the way. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Great Coat! I love it when I find things like that, they just CAN'T be passed up! Lol..

ambika said...

Awesome find! I'm so glad you got it--and if you wear it Saturday, we'll practically be twins ;)

I've yet to figure out how to replace more than 4 buttons for less than 20 bucks. It doesn't help when they're oversize, but they're so rarely less than 2-4 bucks a piece that I just give up and plunk down the money.