Thursday, September 27, 2007

The show was awesome!

Let me just mention a few reasons why:

1) Harvey Danger opened for them. I didn't even know Harvey Danger was still around. Of course, I only knew one song by them (which they didn't play), but I still like the new stuff that I heard.

2) Confetti cannons. Even if John L. did ruin the surprise of "when," as he said before they started "Dr. Worm," that it was time for the confetti cannons, it's still fun. This was the third time I've seen them that they have had the confetti cannons, though the first time that I didn't get a piece of confetti. Ah well. :)

3) They played "Mr. Me"! This is not a song that I'm used to hearing them play, and this may have been the first time I heard them play it live. It's just a little song that I kind of like, and just utterly weird to hear it live.

4) The "Conga" song, which I think John F. might have just made up. Because there has to be a conga line at every TMBG show. I wasn't in this one, because I was sitting in the middle of a row on the balcony, and didn't want to try to climb over everyone in my row.

5) Phonecalls from the Dead. Richard Milhouse Sagan (though I thought they were saying "Satan" at first). Craziness that makes no sense. I love it! :)

and 6) Jerome had a wonderful time. I was concerned that he wouldn't really enjoy it as much as I always do, because it's really not his sort of music or show, but he loved it! :)

Honorable mention to the Moore Theater because it's a super neat venue, and the stained glass in the ceiling convinced me that the half-formed plan I had for a hat color combination will look good. :)

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