Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My iPod knows what's going on...

I thought about putting my iPod on ONLY They Might Be Giants songs today, but I decided against it. Instead, it's on random, like it is most days.

I think it's played at least half a dozen TMBG songs in about 3 1/2 hours. This is not entirely surprising, if you know how much TMBG I have on my iPod, but I'm definitely noticing it more today. I know that my iPod can't REALLY be psychic, but I often attribute it with such a skill. :)

So yeah, They Might Be Giants show tonight, and YAY! I am excited! :) If you like TMBG, and have never seen them live, you have to make every attempt to do so. Seriously. Their music is so much fun in general, and it becomes at least 10 times more fun in concert. I think there have been studies done to prove this. :)

Right, much more on this tomorrow. :)


Anandi said...

I couldn't see TMBG because I was at the Def Leppard concert ;)

Are you planning to see HIM live in Nov? I'm not thrilled about the venue (Showbox SODO) but I'll probably go.

Dawn said...

I'm not sure if we're going to go see HIM or not. I'd kind of like to, but Jerome says that he think they will suck live, and isn't too thrilled about the majority of the crowd that they will attract (emo kids, mostly girls, screaming about Ville's hotness...)

Anandi said...

I don't get the "ville is hot" thing. Maybe i'm too old but he is just too scrawny and emo-boy looking for me.

Anandi said...

And dear god, have you ever read an interview with him? He's got this whole melancholy, "the world is dark" affectation going on.

I know the boy can sing, and his band can rock, but he just seems like a dork ;)

Ok, maybe that does mean i'm too old.

Dawn said...

Well, if you're too old then so am I... he does seem like a dork. :)