Monday, October 08, 2007


I spent the whole weekend being marginally sick, which means I was sick enough to feel kinda cruddy, but well enough to get a few things done. Of course, after doing much of anything, I then had to rest for a while. I probably should have just cancelled everything and curled up in bed with a book, but I can never make myself do that!

So instead, I found the Fred Meyers in Ballard, which is like a super Wal-Mart, only not. We got the desktop in the living room switched from a pile of suck to "oh my god this thing is fast." And I also ended up picking up a few colors of yarn, because of totally coincidental stuff conspiring for me to actually NEED both the blue and orange yarns that I mentioned before.

And I had a Halloween showcase slot on Etsy yesterday, and got a sale... I think these two things are related, but who knows. I'm saying they're related to make me feel better about having the showcase slot. :)

Okay, this week, I have a little bit of writing to do for a freelance job (yay!) and that's about all I know of for sure. Of course, I have plenty of other stuff that I can do, and probably will. :)

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