Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I think I finally beat this cold, but it's been a bit exhausting. I probably should have gone to bed earlier last night, but then I discovered that WWE (yes, wrestling) comes on at 9 p.m. here. I managed to tear myself away after about an hour, but I actually sat and watched it without having to have something else to work on. My brain was clearly in a mushy sort of state. :)

Hopefully now I'll be able to get back on track with making stuff and writing. There's always more of both to be done. :) Jerome has a bunch of homework that he will need to finish tonight, so maybe I will be able to buckle down and get my work done while he does his work.

I've got a craft fair in a week and a half, the "Fall Thing" in Phinney Ridge, on October 20th. My main concern right now is that I need to figure out what to take. I have plenty of stock, that's for sure! I just have to decide which types of stock I should take. I'm sharing a table, and thus won't have a ton of space, so I need to pick what I think will sell the best.

I'm definitely taking hats. I got a really spiffy folding bookcase on Saturday, and will be able to use that to stack extra hats on. So it's really just a matter of "hats and what else?" This is the problem of making too many different types of things, folks. Sure, being able to have lots of things you could be working on is awesome, but when you KEEP making stuff, no matter what, you end up with way too much.

(And the picture is just one of the many autumn themed things I've made...)


Anonymous said...

I've had my eye on this aceo for a while now, don't sell it! Lol.... One of these days when i'm rich, which is like the 5th of never, i'm going to buy it. I swear. I am! And then i'm going to frame it, and hang in in my craft room... hang on to it for me would ya?! Lol... If ONLY I could make some sales, id'a bought it a long time ago.... *sigh*

Dawn said...

Hehehe... I will try to hang onto it, but if I fail to do so, I'll make you another one similar to this one when the 5th of Never rolls around. Sound good? :)

Anonymous said...

Seattle? WOW! fun city! great doughnuts :)

did you know in the early days of Seattle its main export was people in a slave trade to China? under the city is a catacobe labrynth of dry sewers with cells and traps. human remains can be found in them. thats where the term Shanghied came from

vilenolram feels no need to apoligise for spelling errors, im just that sexy.

Dawn said...

Marlon, where the heck did you hear that?!

There are tunnels under the city, but that's because Seattle was built, and then the streets were rebuilt a story higher than before. I'm really not sure about that "Shanghaied" bit... but I'll ask around the office... :)