Friday, October 05, 2007


1) Woke up with a killer bad sore throat. The problem is that I haven't been able to determine yet if this is related to allergies (including the possibility of my new stuffed animal) or me being sick. I do not like either option, though allergies would be better than being sick. I can probably get rid of the allergens, or at least not sleep with them right under my nose.

2) We finished season 2 of Supernatural last night, so my Thursdays for the foreseeable future are now tied up. :) We are one of those backwards households with no Tivo or DVR. If it comes down to it, though, we do have a VCR, and I suspect VHS tapes are REALLY cheap these days. (I may also give up on this plan. We missed the season premier because we were catching up on the previous season, and I already know I have at least one Thursday booked next month. So we may just wait for DVD again.)

3) I managed to crank out a really lovely adult sized hat last night, while watching Supernatural, and I think that Jerome is shocked that I'm not keeping it for myself. It's black with purple and a dusky dark pink, and it is almost something that I would wear. But it doesn't match the pirate coat. :(

4) I hate the mouse on my computer here at work. Trackball mice are STUPID. (Oh. Maybe I need to not get bread crumbs in it. That would help.)

5) End of the Work Week Wisdom:

"Crazy is relative."
--Sam Winchester in "All Hell Breaks Loose" (season finale of season 2 of Supernatural)

The. End.


Shell Mitchell said...

yeah, I live in one of those backwards households too!! hope you are feeling better soon.

Vile Marlon LeClaire said...

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Marlon Glasswalker said...

oh yea say hi to everyone like rob or thor and cindy and jason and hehehe KARAC!!! *big hugs*

Dawn said...

Heheheh... you know I'm in Seattle now, right? :)

Thor is in Australia for school, I think Rob may have moved to Springfield, and I don't really talk to Jason or Karac anymore. I talk to Cindy occasionally, and that's about it, out of the people you would know. :)