Thursday, October 04, 2007

More craftiness...

I spent most of last night working on Christmas cards for my Etsy shop. No pictures yet, because they aren't quite done yet. But they are looking pretty spiffy. The best part is that they're a fairly simple design, easy to make, and use a bunch of leftover scraps from other projects and magazines! :)

I'm still deciding how fancy I want to make them, though I will probably only fancy up a small handful, and then leave the rest simple. If the super fancy ones sell first, I can always turn some of the plain ones into fancy things, but if I make them all fancy, and people want simple, I can't undo the fancy. :)

I also poked through one of my fabric bins last night, and had another thought this morning on what to do with some of that fabric. Cuz I really should do something with it, you know? :)

AND, I woke up this morning thinking that I really needed to get some new steampunk bits and bobs to make some random things. I stumbled across an electronic file listing on Etsy, and now have exactly what I need. :) Hurrah! :)

Hmmm... steampunk Christmas... yes, we may just have to do this...

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