Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! :)

Not dressed up much today, but ah well. Stripe-y tights are always fun. :)

We watched four episodes of season 2 of Rome last night, and man it's getting good! Too bad there's only one disc left, and then it's over. That makes me sad.

I'm getting a little bit nervous for the show at Stir tomorrow night, which I don't think I've pimped here yet... the information is here, but for those too lazy to click the link, it's 5-10 p.m. tomorrow night, at 216 Alaskan Way S. I would really love it if people I know came by to see my stuff. I would love it even more if people bought my stuff (and I don't care if they know me or not, in that case :) ).

After tomorrow night, I get a little bit less busy. Well, marginally less busy, or at least there is a slighly perceptible difference. In reality, I'm sure I'll just fill up my time with other things that I've forgotten that I was going to do. I know I've got articles to write for Shop Etsy and other projects, and I have a relatively short list of crafts that I need to work on for various activities. (Of course, what did I spend last night doing? Making more cards... because that's what I DON'T need to be doing. :) )

Oh yeah, and then at some point, I get to do Christmas shopping! Whee!


ambika said...

Oh! I totally forgot about Stir! The boyfriend and I are mostly over our jet lag so I'll see if I can convince him to at least pop in.

Also, we're almost thru season 2 of Rome as well. I plan on getting some screen caps and doing a post on it because the costumes and jewelry are too gorgeous.

Dawn said...

Ooh yes, the costumes and jewelry are lovely. :) The plot is getting WAY thick at the point we're at, and I just can't believe the whole series ends after 2 seasons!!!

Emma said...

I really hope they are storing the costumes somewhere nice, and the set! I really hope they didn't tear it down and get rid of it!

I'm still bummed Rome is over..HBO has great shows. Carnivale is also very good, and I have to admit I really like Big Love!

I'll be stopping by tomorrow. :)

Dawn said...

I do like Carnivale as well, though we never got as into that as into some of the other HBO shows. I think I'll add it to the Netflix eventually. :) We're running out of shows to watch on there--unless you count all of the 80s cartoons that my fiance decided that we NEED to see again. :)