Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And I'm back...

So a quick weekend recap:
1) Craft fair was very slow, though I did enjoy getting to chat with Anandi all day, and thanks to her, I have now perfected my coffee cup cozy pattern. Hurrah! :)
2) Changeling game that night was somewhat slow, because of the huge mass combat, but I think my character has moved from "another Eshu" to "hey, she's useful." This is an important thing when it comes to a game like this one. :)
3) Got my display all set up for the show at Stir on Thursday, and I got to pick up my mannequin. Though I've been flip-flopping on the name a bit, I think I've decided now. Everyone, meet Nadia. :)

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I still need to do a little work on her makeup, and she totally needs a wig, because right now, she just looks like some extremely pale gypsy boho chick. :) Jerome does not like her, and doesn't know why she needs a name. He also tells me that she sometimes moves when I'm not looking. I think he's fibbing. :)

So yeah, she's banished to the corner behind the bookcase at the moment, but I like how she looks there. She looks like she's just casually leaning up against the bookcase, waiting for something. She's so aloof. ;)


Anandi said...

She's definitely a Nadia.

BTW, The Cure made an appearance at the Dudley Manlove show the other night - how freaking cool would that have been to be there??

My friend blogged about it:

Dawn said...

I think, though I'm not 100% sure, that she's saying Dudley Manlove was dressed up as the Cure... but I may be mightily confused. :)

P.S. Check out Velcra. More Finnish music. Quasi-metal, though it's more industrial-rap-metal. Reminds me a bit of Conjure One, if you've heard of them.

Anandi said...

Hmm, I'll have to ask her. Now I'm confused. It really did look like robert Smith in the pic, though, didn't it?

Thanks for the recommendation on Velcra. I have to miss the Nightwish show tonight because I'm too sick. I am *SO* freakin' disappointed. But I've missed nearly 2 whole weeks of work already so I can't take any chances.