Friday, October 19, 2007

Yes, I am strange

In case anyone wasn't sure. :)

Thanks to Kimberly, I have a mannequin waiting to come live at my house. Nordstrom's has apparently been clearing out their mannequins, so she picked up a few extras for those of us who wanted them, but don't often have our cars downtown. (And there is no way I was going to carry a mannequin on the bus. :) )

This acquisition is awesome for me, because it means that I can model hats, scarves, and purses on something sized like a real person, meaning that it will show scale and such. This is also awesome for me, because it's like having a gigantic lifesize doll... which prompted me brainstorming this morning...

Me to Jerome: "Did you know that mannequins wear makeup? Now I gotta decide how I'm gonna do her makeup! Ooh, I wonder how freaky she would look with KISS makeup. Too bad I got rid of my black wig. She would rock if she looked like KISS. Of course, I still need to name her..."

(Yeah, I brainstorm outloud a lot. It contributes to Jerome thinking that I'm crazy. But it's crazy in a good way. He laughs when I brainstorm outloud. :) )

So instead of the End of the Work Week Wisdom, we'll do a totally unofficial set of polls!

1) Should I buy a new black wig and give my mannequin KISS makeup?
- Yes
- No

2) What should I name my mannequin?

For the record, I'm leaning towards giving her some sort of crazy Victorian/Steampunk name, I just don't know what yet. :)


Anandi said...

A triple vote from me for KISS makeup, though that might scare off some folks browsing on etsy. ;)

Dawn said...

Hehe... I think that if I do the KISS makeup, that will mostly just be for me to take some crazy photos of my mannequin. I think I'm gonna have to go with normal makeup for the Etsy photos. :)