Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Actually, it's rather blue out today--not many clouds, just really cold. And by really cold, of course, I mean that it's in the upper 30s. I don't know that it's been below freezing since we've been in Seattle, though upper 30s feels pretty darn cold. :)

But anyway, it's officially Christmas shopping season now, for those who hadn't already gotten started. My brother tells me that they've already finished their shopping, but I also know that my brother is a freak. :) I can't talk, though, because I'm almost done. :)

For those who haven't finished shopping yet, or are looking for handmade Christmas cards, I'm running a sale in my Etsy shop for a couple of weeks. All of my sets of handmade cards are buy one set, get one half off! I've got all different sized sets, from 2 cards up to 8 cards, so buy a couple of sets and get all of your Christmas card needs covered! :)

Cards can be found here and here. The first link is for specifically Christmas or winter holiday cards, and the latter section is for more general purpose cards.

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