Monday, November 26, 2007

Magnet Making Madness!

So yesterday, Emma and I headed over to the eastside, to shop and go to Anandi's house to make magnets! These are the type of magnets that use a little glass bead to magnify an itty bitty tiny image to something you can sorta see. :) (You can see the directions here.)

What this did was give me a chance to use up some of the bits of magazine pages and other paper I have been "collecting" (read: hoarding), make some cute stuff, and hang out with some of my EtsyRain friends. And, of course, go to the big JoAnn's and Michael's at Crossroads again. I will take just about any excuse to get over there. :)

Of course, I should point out that we didn't exactly get any magnets made. :) It takes longer than you would think to cut out paper to the right size, and it takes particularly longer when you decide that you're making 70 magnets. :) But I did get all of my paper cut and just about ready to go. I'm going to pick up some good glue at JoAnn's tonight, and probably will spend Wednesday night freezing my butt off working on magnets. (I say freezing my butt off because I will probably need to keep the balcony door open so that the glue fumes don't give me a headache.)

So no pictures yet, but I will have some soonish. I will also note that a bunch of said magnets feature a picture of my new big project, which I may get to start really working on in a week or two... :) The little "teaser" magnets are going to start going out with my orders once they are done, so 15 lucky customers will have a sneak preview of said project! :)

(Maybe only 14. I might have to keep one for myself. ;) )


Anandi said...

I forced myself to finish the magnets last night, so they're drying now.

The silicone adhesive and the Jewel-It glue don't have bad fumes at all, so you might not need to leave your door open more than a little crack. I'd avoid the E6000 for that reason.

Problem with these magnets is that they're so darn cute, I want to keep them!!

Dawn said...

Heheh... that's why I made the Labyrinth set that I knew I was going to keep for myself. I can bring myself to give away or sell the others if I have my very own set.

Besides which, I most definitely don't need 70 magnets on my fridge! :)

(I even bought Altoids tins today to put them in when they're done!)

Emma said...

I got myself some tins this evening too, I'm ready to go. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow night. I can't complain though I spent the evening on other crafts. When do we get another one of those long, holiday weekends? Sigh.

Dawn said...

Christmas? :)

I ended up with the Jewel-It glue, which seems promising. Jerome also thought I could use Gorilla Glue or rubber cement, but I think the former would be insane, and the latter won't stick forever.