Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I told Jerome that I think I left my brain at Kinko's. I suspect it's somewhere near the large format copier, as that machine stole about an hour of my life today. The regular copiers stole another hour. Gotta love "rushrushrush must be done now" copying, when the office machine can't handle any of it.

In the bad movies category, we found another B-horror movie that was too bad to be watched. It's called "Zombie Night," and it's very low budget and poorly acted. My first clue? The fact that the main characters have the same names as the (married to each other) authors. Oh, and that there is bad goth poetry before the movie starts.

So now we're up to two bad B-horror movies in the past year and a half that have been turned off within 15 minutes. This may be a record for me, since I can only remember two other movies that I refused to watch all the way through, no matter how bad. "Playing God" and "The Saint." There have been other movies that I haven't finished watching, but very few that I have flat out said "okay, I'm done with this." For the record, I reached that point with "Zombie Night" on the DVD menu. :)

Jerome seems to have interspersed our entire Netflix queue with B-horror movies and a huge block of 80s cartoons... I think I should scramble it up some more... :)

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