Monday, November 19, 2007


So it was a bit of a long-feeling weekend, what with Jerome out of town, but I tried to have a little bit of fun, and I certainly got stuff done. :)

Saturday was the craft show at Magnolia, which was largely a lot of sitting around and talking to Anandi, which is always a good time. We watched the woman across from us sell a ton, while I figured out how she made her items. I don't have any intention to make them to sell, but it was fun to figure it out in my head. On Sunday, I figured it out for real, and made a test version. So score one for me! (No details, because they're going to be Christmas gifts, and I'm not sure who reads this that might be getting one... :) )

Saturday night was Changeling, which was fairly slow in-character, but lots of chatting with folks out of character.

Sunday, I did some assorted running around, made dinner, and headed over to Julie's houseboat to put together our EtsyRain mystery gift bags. We actually made the decision to make the gift bags "mysteries" while we were there. You can see the two in my shop here and here. Just don't laugh too hard at my graphics... this is what happens when Dawn is allowed to play with Photoshop with no adult supervision. :)

Speaking of houseboats, they are lots of fun, but:
a) it's a maze to get to the houseboat that doesn't look like a houseboat, and
b) falling into Lake Union is a bad idea.

Trina did the latter, but was retrieved without too much difficulty, and the only potential casualty was her cell phone. Funny how those don't like water. I told her that I was pretty sure she qualified for the Polar Bear Club now, though maybe not officially. Needless to say, everyone was REALLY careful walking back to the parking area after that!

So yeah, back at work this week, though Thursday is a holiday. Friday is not, but about half of our office is taking the day off. Our office manager tells me that I should be able to see the Macy's parade (Seattle version) from my window. Neat! :)

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