Thursday, November 29, 2007

My thought for the day

I wish that whoever invented CDs had made them the same width as a standard letter envelope. Cuz then I could put my Netflix envelopes into the mail slot, instead of taking them downstairs.

(Yeah, pity me, I know. I have to go down one whole floor to mail them, and I don't even have to go outside. :) )

In other news, I am exceptionally glad that today is Thursday, even if we have to do some running around after I get home from work. Yesterday was a super long day at work, though today has been going by more quickly.

Tomorrow, we get to go set up for the Punk Rock Flea Market 2, though this does mean that I need to bring Jerome's music stand with me to work in the morning. This should prove vaguely amusing on the bus. At least it collapses into two pieces, which are relatively small. But I'm still gonna get odd looks, I suspect. :)

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