Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Monday...

Actually, it's not so bad thus far. The machine in the lobby of the post office was running super slow this morning, so I just decided to go to the post office tonight. This works out okay, really, because I got another order this morning, and we should have Jerome's other sister's address by this evening, so I can send out their Christmas pressies at the same time.

Been actually working on a whole bunch of stuff at work this morning, and talking The Golden Compass on the Etsy forums and with a co-worker. Do note, I haven't finished reading the book yet (I'm about halfway done), and we haven't gone to see the movie yet. I'm hoping to finish the book before we see the movie. Really, this just involves making myself sit down without a crochet hook, because I can't read and crochet at the same time. :(

In other news, although I appreciate the fact that the ideas fairy has been bringing me plenty to fill my head, I might have to request that she takes a few weeks off, or starts sharing the love with some other people. I have at least two really cute ideas right now, and can't decide which to make first. (And never mind the fact that there's other stuff that I need to be working on!)

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