Friday, December 07, 2007

Many many things...

1) Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers is on my TV right now. Help! (This is the first of Jerome's 80's cartoons fixation.)

2) Got new jewelry today... *happy dance* (Keep in mind that when I say jewelry, I never mean standard sized/normal jewelry. Today, it was a new titanium ring for my cartilage, and a new nostril screw. :) )

3) I have no clue what was going on downtown tonight, but it was sheer insanity. We waited for a bus on Capitol Hill almost half an hour before giving up and taking another bus, which then took forever to get to our normal bus stop. The side trip to Cold Stone Creamery might have had something to do with the "forever" part, but it was worth it, and well deserved. :)

4) Ack, dilemma! I just opened one of the few Christmas pressies that I had sent to our apartment, and it is WAY too cute to give away. I want to keep it for me!!!! This is why I was much better off sending most things to my mom's house, but this one was one I needed here, rather than there. But yeah... if I keep it, it's too late to order something new for this gift, which means I'll have to go storebought. If I don't keep it, though, I will be sad. This is no fair. :(

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