Monday, December 03, 2007

So let's see here...

1) We had snow this weekend! It was sort of big clumps of wet snow, and it didn't last long at all, though it did completely soak through our coats and jeans when we walked from the Punk Rock Flea Market to the bus, and then home from our bus stop.

2) Punk Rock Flea Market went very well for me, and also for the other EtsyRain folks around me. So that was exciting! :)

3) I got a Dresden Dolls patch and Jerome got a Misfits suit coat. No kidding. It's awesome, and it's the right length for his arms. This makes it a bit large on the rest of him, but who cares? :)

4) Stouffer's paninis = good. Red Baron paninis = not so much. If I wanted a sammich on dry toast, I could have made that myself. :p I'm just glad I only bought one of the Red Baron kind, because I had a coupon.

5) I organized all of my shipping stuff yesterday, using a bunch of old Capri-Sun boxes that I had been keeping around for mailing packages. But since very few of my items need to be shipped in boxes (and because I go through a box of Capri-Sun in a week or two), I decided they could be more useful as a little shelving unit. It is awesome, and I will take a picture of it soon. Not glamourous in the slightest, though. Cardboard and duct tape. :)

6) I'm featured on another blog today! :) This time, it's DharmaDesigns! :) I wrote an article about her a while back, and now she has returned the favor! :)

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