Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, I thought I had good End of the Work Week Wisdom to share, but a quick glance back through the archives shows me that I used that one about 15 months ago. *sigh*...

My little art project that I mentioned yesterday is looking super spiffy at the moment, though I didn't save the pictures to the internet yet, and thus can't post them. But basically, Jerome had some paper scraps from a stencil he was making. I was playing around with the largest of the scraps, and realized that it sort of looked like a head of hair, and was even the right shape to imagine a face in the middle. Oddly enough, the next scrap he handed me was in the shape of an eye, and just the right scale. And that was followed by an eyebrow.

I should point out that his stencil was for a mango. No, I'm not kidding. I'll post pictures of the products of the stencil too, eventually.

So anyway, I pasted all of the scraps to paper last night (though I did have to make a 2nd eye for my person), scanned it, and cleaned it up in PhotoShop (another big accomplishment for me, since I'm still learning that program). It looks amazingly good now, and I'm deciding if I want to turn it into a silk screen or a lino-cut block. I'm really curious about the latter, since I've never done it, and it looks like it would be both easy and neat. So yeah. I guess I'm getting into printmaking, one way or the other! :)

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