Monday, January 21, 2008

Random recap

In slightly geeky news (but I'm getting better!), we went through all of my White Wolf books last night and picked out a bunch to put up on Amazon, and others which will go on eBay later. If you're interested in this sort of stuff, drop me a comment or a line and I'll let you know where you can find this stuff.

In sports news (what?!), I'm a little disappointed that the Packers lost last night. This is, however, mainly because I like the color combination of the Packers, and thus had made one thing and am working on another thing for my shop that are in green and gold. Now that they're not going to the Superbowl, will people still want Packers stuff?

In sewing machine news, the Hello Kitty machine is slowly earning my ire. However, this may be because I'm trying to make it use quilting thread. This is apparently a bad idea. :)

And finally, in other craft related news, I really am having a lot of fun making ACEOs. They're just so cute, and not so complex as to make me lose my attention span. :)


Kayce said...

Dawn - there are certain quilting threads that will not work on even my expensive machine. I think they are meant more for hand quilting. Give the kitty a break and try a thinner quilting thread!

Dawn said...

Mostly, I buy the quilting thread because it's cheap, and because I do a reasonable amount of hand-sewing with it (it seems to hold buttons onto things well, without being quite as thick as most button threads). But yeah, proper machine thread is certainly on my JoAnn's list. :)