Monday, January 07, 2008

I hate television...

So I managed to go down for the count with the nasty cold that Jerome had over the weekend, though mostly I was just a total vegetable all day Saturday, and then much better.

However, in the process, we ended up watching the second half of season 3 of Lost. We've watched the entire series on DVD to date, but after the end of the season finale, we're both freaking out. The new season starts on January 31st, and we're seriously thinking about watching it as it happens this year.

Now, I haven't had most television channels since around 2002, and no channels at all since 2004, at least until we moved here. So I haven't had the problem of getting hooked on TV shows. I've watched everything on DVD, so it's basically ready for me whenever I want to watch it. I haven't had to deal with silly things like a week between shows. :)

This is gonna be a serious problem if we start watching Lost. On Friday and Saturday nights, we would get to the end of one episode, and both of us were scrambling for the remote to skip to the next one. If we can't deal with a few seconds of anticipation, how are we gonna wait a whole week?!

Also, we don't have Tivo or anything of the sort, and I'm not sure our TV is hooked up to our VCR correctly (we never use it). So this would also mean that for the foreseeable future, Thursday evenings would be completely useless. :)

We went through this with Supernatural not too long ago, and somehow Jerome managed to forget that it was on, and that we were missing it. I don't know if this plan will work with Lost or not. I'm also not sure I want to wait a whole year to find out what happens... :)

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sycamore baby said...

I know just how you feel ~ my husband and I recently finished Weeds and I am DYING for the next season!!!