Friday, February 15, 2008


Ah, Fridays are good! :) Not that I have exciting plans for this weekend (I get to work on taxes! YAY! (okay, that's enough sarcasm)), but it'll be nice to relax some and be outside a little if it's not too cold. :)

And yeah, I know that I still have a while before my taxes are due. However, I can't tell myself that if I want to get them done in time. I do, however, have to wait at least until I get my last W2 from my mom. Before we moved out here, I had no idea what our address would be, so I had to change my forwarding address from the university to her house... and then I forgot to change it again... oops! :)

Anyways, as a further after effect of yesterday's mad blog tagging spree, I've decided that the End of the Work Week Wisdom really needs to come back... soooooo...

"Ah, General Tso. I have tasted your chicken. It was very good."
--Jim the Idiot, doing what he does best. (Imagine this in a bad Kung-Fu movie Chinese accent.)

Jim the Idiot, for those who don't know, is my brother. He got the nickname when we were in college from our mutual friends, who were often baffled by the profound/idiotic things he said. Yes, they were often one and the same. :)

Anyway, todays End of the Work Week Wisdom was inspired by my lunch. Because General Tso's Chicken is very good. :)

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