Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend projects!

So I managed to complete a couple of crafty projects this weekend. I have pictures of one, but not the other. This is partially because I was thinking that the latter project wasn't quite done, but now I'm thinking it is, and partially because I never can take decent pictures of myself.

Project uno was a board from which to hang my necklaces and display my ACEOs. This was a project inspired by both Emma, who made a board from which to hang necklaces, and Kinichi River, who made a bulletin board for her craft room to hold ACEOs.

My new jewelry and ACEO board

Mine does both. :) It's made from photo mat board, styrofoam insulation, 25 cent ribbon, staples, thumbtacks, and cup hooks. The only thing I bought for this project? The ribbon. All I had in the apartment was black ribbon, and I wanted to make this black and green, as that goes with two of the ACEOs I wanted to display. Now, of course, I need more ACEOs in that color scheme. :)

(And I know there's at least two people reading this blog who will recognize something that's on display now. Yay! :) )

Project dos was a skirt, made from 3 fat quarters and some shiny fabric that I had lying around. Now, you would think that 24 inches of fabric would make a relatively short skirt, especially when you take into account things like hems and waistbands and such, right? Wrong, at least for me. The skirt ended up about TWICE as long as I wanted it, once I put the 9 inch ruffle of shiny-ness on the bottom. So I messed around with the skirt for a while, trying to figure out if I should cut it off into the mini-skirt I wanted, or leave it long. I eventually just put it back into my sewing stuff, since I didn't have elastic to finish it anyway. I'm glad I did leave it alone, though, because I figured out a way to have it as a short or long skirt, and it doesn't even need elastic. It will also fit me until my waistline doubles. :)

So yeah, I now have two skirt "patterns" that use fat quarters. Somehow, this makes me insanely happy, even though I'm probably paying just as much to buy my fat quarters as I would for a real piece of fabric. :)


Kylee S. said...

What a great project. I have seen similar boards but I have never made one myself. And the jewelry that is hanging on the board is wonderful as well.

VileNolram said...

I like your necklaces :)

i feel sad today because i got banned from

Arelith DM's SUCK

*folds arms and pouts*
I guess if i come to tears over a game its gone to far... im sad, buddy.

hope your well.
I shouldt complaine i got a venus fly trap as a pet.
oh well
+1 -1

Dawn said...

You seriously have a venus fly trap?! That rocks. :) I would love to have one, but I would kill it. Or it would eat me. :)