Monday, March 31, 2008

Chicken, no head.

So as it turned out, I got the materials I needed for my latest freelancing project on Friday night, which meant that most of my weekend was taken up with working on that. Well, I say most of my weekend, even though I only got 7 hours in over two days. But that was because of silly things like a need to eat and sleep, and get some other stuff done. I could have probably worked a lot more, but my brain hurt after a few hours of work... I'm just not used to working on the weekend.

This, of course, proves interesting for me trying to get crafty stuff done. I gave myself a little bit of time yesterday to finish up a couple of things I was working on, so that was good. But now I probably need to put in at least a couple of hours each night this week on the freelancing project, which whittles my crochet time down to MAYBE 2 hours a night, and probably closer to only a single hour, if that. Seeing as I have a show on Sunday, I'm glad I usually have more stock on hand than any person should. :)

Work is busy this week as well, and only likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. I'll be traveling for work in the middle of the month, which means that everyone else has to get all of their stuff to me either before or after that week. Joy!

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